Our regular and thorough applications of select green products provide maximum protection with minimum usage. Our primary weapon is a micro fine mist applied conscientiously. Our environmentally sensitive sprays usually dry in less than 20 minutes and leave no visible residue while setting up a boundary that is specifically designed to work on insects and spiders that attempt to get into your home.

Discounts are available for 6 month and 1 year prepayments.

Monthly Service - Our Premier Service

Our premier service provides a chemical barrier for the exterior of your home or business and inspection for pest activity 12 times per year. When access is provided; interior spray and rodent baiting can be included at no additional cost. When needed; additional treatments for covered pests are included at no additional cost. Monthly treatment maintains the most complete coverage and freshest product and can allow us to become aware of small bits of activity before they become infestations.

Bi-Monthly Service - Save 25% Annually

The same service/application as our premier service but 6 times per year. Some properties do not qualify for this service (commercial, etc.). Some may require monthly service initially until problem pests are controlled.

Quarterly Service - 4 Services per year - Limited Guarantee

Same effective application but charges will apply when additional services are requested more than 30 days after the service date.

Winter Variable Services

We can be in your home less when you are there more!
We provide our premier monthly service all summer when the heat is the hardest on our products and you get monthly inspections and reports when some homes are less frequently attended.

VQ - 2 Winter Quarterly Services

During the winter we treat only twice and provide additional treatments only if requested at no additional cost. (October & January or November & February)

VB 3 Winter Bi-Monthly Services

During the winter we treat every other month and provide additional treatments only if requested at no additional cost.

Special or Custom Service

Effective treatment when you call for it. 30 day re-treat guarantee available. Ask Ross about these single/custom treatments. (