Bill Pay

We love people who pay their bills. Feel free to pay Ross when you see him, mail payment to P O Box 482 or use the Paypal link below (Paypal convenience adds a 3% processing fee).

If you choose to pay in advance for 6 months or 12 months services we will extend discounts to you.
          If you pay for 6 months services in advance you can get a 5% discount.
          If you pay for one year in advance you recieve a 7% discount .
Please call for your discount calculation.

When using Paypal be sure to add 3% to your invoice. Call us at (760) 767-4540 if you have any questions regarding the 3% fee calculation or need help using Paypal.

If you wish to avoid paying the extra 3%, please pay by check.

Mail any checks to:

Pratt Pest Management
P O Box 482
Borrego Springs CA 92004